Interstate catering

Good Food For Your Casual Get-Togethers!

Custom Events


We will custom cater your casual event, from hot dogs and burgers and "famous breakfast burritos"!  You can c ustomize it up, grilled chicken with bruschetta and fresh mozzarella cheese or Italian sausage with peppers and onions!  We have also served smoked pulled pork sandwiches!  We cater block parties, festivals, school events along with special birthday parties.  We will work within your budget and come up with a fresh idea to make your event special!

Fresh ideas

Local Food Sources


One of our partners makes all of our breakfast burritos locally.  We source our food from local businesses and work with small business owners, like "Hipster Lettuce" that compliment our food!

Special Events


You will find we will work within your budget and catering needs to make your event a one of a kind. We typicially cater events from 200 to 800 guests.  We specialize in outdoor festivals and parties.  We wish you a successful event!!

Custom menus


The sky is the limit with your menu.  We can be as simple as hot dogs and burgers, or grill up your own menu like grilled chicken with bruschetta and mozzarella cheese or Italian sausage with peppers and onions...  We want to make your event as special as possible!